Meet The Crew


  • Terence Tait leading Tattoo Artist and owner .








Terence is sponsored by   Eternal Ink

Welker Rotaries ,

Stencil Stuff ,

Redemption tattoo aftercare ,

deathless cords ,

rinse cup clean up

And has been tattooing for 13 years

Terence is now a published artist and tattooist, all over the world  check out his artwork and ink in some magazines  as well as online we will try and update the media as much as possible …










Jade Tait 



  • Jade Tait is the Media manager   and behind the scenes person of the Tattoo shop ,  before being in the tattoo industry for 11 years , she was a singer and singing teacher and has also worked in retail and hospitality Jade has grown up in Cairns and when she isnt working shes at the gym or with her daughter .





Jake is a local , Piercer working under Terence Tait , when jake isn’t piercing or drawing  he is drawing or hanging out with his Fiancee or playing with his puppy