Meet The Crew


  • Terence Tait leading Tattoo Artist and owner .


Terence is sponsored by   Eternal Ink

Welker Rotaries ,

Stencil Stuff ,

Redemption tattoo aftercare ,

deathless cords ,

rinse cup clean up

And has been tattooing for 13 years

Terence is now a published artist and tattooist, all over the world  check out his artwork and ink in some magazines  as well as online we will try and update the media as much as possible …


Jade Tait 



  • Jade is the manger of the shop , wife to Terence tait
  •  and loves  being in the tattoo industry , Jade spent a good 28 years in the music industry working with many local musicians  with many different companies and doing many different competitions and shows and styles  she is artistic , loves learning traveling and coffee!



Conan Ash



Been in cairns 23 years

tattooing  for 5 years

:was a paramedic for 16 years

.. Tattooing is a privilege, no matter how small or how large, it’s a privilege for another person to choose you to draw from  their idea, concepts, thoughts and feelings and give them a everlasting tattoo.

.Food – Seafood, Italian, Thai, cooking for friends

Music, hard rock, metal, blues, bluegrass, acoustic covers, gangsta,…….

Tattooing styles which I enjoy most back and grey an watercolour, fine line tattoo work .

. Hobbies, Aquariums, going to creeks exploring cairns hanging out with friends and  cooking food


Jake Stratt


Jake is  local !  Apprentice Tattoo Artist ,  still developing his style what he loves to tattoo! You will catch him drawing up traditional bangers ,  and tattooing them now and then he is happy to do walk in’s and cute must have tattoos  , as well as working on different styles!


Jake listens to all sorts of music , when he isn’t working he is hanging out with his awesome wife Kaarina , bbqing  or checking out music !

Jake is a talented , dude experienced with customer service a very determined individual if you’d like to make a booking with him stop in store .